Multi Family

multi-family-electrical-denver-coloradoGreen Energy and Electric understands that time and money are critical to the progress of your projects deadline. GEE works closely with the contractor to provide the best experience for you, our valued customer. We take every step to make sure that we minimize our use of your time, we leave every work space cleaner than we found it, and we strive to always communicate with you exactly where we are in the project and how much longer we will be in your home. Green Energy and Electric puts our customers’ needs and satisfaction above all else!

Green Energy and Electric specializes in all electrical services for multi-family applications of any size. We are staffed with highly skilled electricians including two Master Electricians that have a combined 20 years of experience in the field. Each electrical project is approached as safe, efficient and trouble-free as possible. Providing superior service is a commitment GEE does not take lightly. Whatever the task at hand is, Green Energy and Electric will get the job done! When looking for your reliable and reputable electrical company, trust Green Energy and Electric.