Tenant Space

tennant-finish-electrical-avGreen Energy and Electric puts our customers’ needs and satisfaction above all else! At GEE, we know the biggest concern for you is time and money. We make each electrical project as safe, efficient and trouble-free as possible. As a tenant finish contractor, Green Energy and Electric works seamlessly with the customer and their staff to ensure that the project adheres to the schedule and stays at budget. Our goal is to deliver the highest value and a quality product to meet, or exceed, our customers’ expectations.

Green Energy and Electric has over 15 years of experience building out your structure to get it ready for the tenant. Whether it is new space or a 100 year old building GEE has been there. We make sure a tenant is in their space as quickly as possible, because time is money. Projector and screen in the conference room, data cabling, efficient lighting, audio system or lighting control we have the ability to give you a one stop solution. We have helped 100’s of customers get the space they want. Well lit, comfortable, efficient and easy to operate. Just what they deserve!