Caseta Wireless

Caseta Wireless


Are you tired of coming home to a dark house every night? Control your home with Caseta Wireless. It’s as easy as the push of a button on Caseta’s Pico Remote that can be clipped right onto the visor of your vehicle. And with Caseta’s App right on your phone or tablet, you can schedule your lights to come on when you’re not home, or even turn lights off that you left on before you left. At night, don’t worry about getting out of bed to turn the lights off, just hit the off button on the Pico remote from the comfort of your bed.

Use Caseta’s Smart Bridge with the app to control which lights you want turned on for movie night in the living room, or what lights you need on for a night of cooking in the kitchen. All with the tap of a screen, you can control multiple lights together, at different levels. You can create any ambiance you can imagine and save the settings to use anytime. The app will also let you control your shades and your thermostat- from anywhere! Smart Bridge also contains HomeKit Technology, so you can use Siri to control your lights.

Caseta is also equipped with Geofencing, which will control your lights based on your location. Geofencing knows your location, so if you often forget to turn certain lights off when you leave for work in the morning, it will automatically turn them off based on your location.

It all starts with a dimmer- but the possibilities are endless! – Caseta Wireless

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