Lutron Radio RA 2

radio-ra-2-denver-coloradoWho doesn’t like to save money while helping the environment? Green Energy and Electric along with Lutron’s RadioRA 2 can help you do just that! The best way to manage your energy is to measure it! Once energy is measured it can be controlled in order to lower your consumption and increase your savings potential.

RadioRA 2 by Lutron, is a wireless total home control system that has the ability to control temperature, security systems, cellular shading, sensors, garage doors and light fixtures. RadioRA 2 is easy for GEE to program, all you need to do is press the buttons! This is the newest technology in energy management that allows you to control all your gadgets, gizmos and appliances all from your current phone, iPad or computer! This technology is sweeping the nation by storm! Contact Green Energy and Electric to find out how RadioRA 2 can help you reduce energy consumption, lower energy bills and look just as sleek to all your guests.