Sonos + Apple Music

Sonos + Apple Music


On February 9th, Sonos announced that as of February 10, 2016, Apple Music is available on all Sonos systems worldwide. Hundreds of thousands of Apple Music listeners have been testing this for several months now, and the feedback was very positive.

Sonos users now have access to all of the great things that come along with Apple Music- features like For You, Radio and My Music. Music lovers can now stream the whole Apple Music catalog through Sonos speakers- speakers that are tuned for great sound in each room using Trueplay.

The partnership between these two companies is amazing for music fans everywhere. Both companies care immensely about delivering a great listening experience, and have always proven to do so. And right now, Apple Music is offering a free, three-month trial membership.

Log onto your Sonos app and connect your Apple Music account now to stream your favorite music through Sonos’ smart speaker system!